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Return Sasyk to the Sea


This feature documentary is directed and edited by Andrea Odezynska. Filmed on location at the Black Sea in Ukraine.  Return Sasyk to the Sea is playing in prestigious 2022 film festivals. 


Synopsis: A ruinous Soviet irrigation experiment in Southwestern Ukraine, created a slow eco-disaster which continues today.  The Sasyk Estuary, by the Black Sea, is ground zero for the battle - stasis and corruption vs. environmental reform and progress


In light of this latest invasion of Ukraine, Return Sasyk to the Sea, is a metaphor for the history of Ukraine itself. ~ Andrea Odezynska

Felt, Feelings and Dreams

Screened in festivals 2013-2017 and shown

now at Musee du Feutre in France

A short documentary directed and edited by Andrea Odezynska.  Filmed in Kyrgyzstan with English subtitles.  


Synopsis: Felt, Feelings and Dreams follows a small group of Kyrgyz women who pull themselves from crushing poverty by reviving ancient traditions of making crafts from felt. 


Set against this region's stunningly beautiful and harsh landscape, Felt, Feelings and Dreams, explores the women's feelings about their work.  The friendships they make, the daughters they get closer to, the children they can now feed.

The Whisperer

Screened in festivals  2007-2014

A short documentary directed by Andrea Odezynska.


Synopsis: Andrea embarks on a journey to a small village in Western Ukraine where an unexpected encounter with Baba Anna, the village healer, changes the course of the filmmaker's life forever.

Was distributed worldwide by Spiritual Cinema Circle Distributor in California.

Still The River Flows

Continues to screen with 

Yara Arts Group Winter Solstice Shows

Directed and edited by Andrea Odezynska / Filmed in Ukraine by Virlana Tkacz /

Created with support from The Yara Arts Group


Synopsis:  Still The River Flows provides a window into the significance that ancient Ukrainian Koliada Winter Solstice and Christmas rituals have today.


This film screened in numerous theatrical venues in New York City, most notably LaMama Experimental Theater in the East Village.  Gallery screenings include: Spring Street Art Gallery in Saratoga Springs, New York, LaMama Galleria in NYC, The Ukrainian Museum in NYC, and many others.  

Dora Was Dysfunctional

Early 2000's

Directed by Andrea Odezynska / Written by David Lewison & Andrea Odezynska

Produced by:  The American Film Institute

Genre:  Comedy


Synopsis:  When Dora was four, her Ukrainian grandma taught her how to tell one's fate in love. Twenty years later, Dora improvises her own version of this medieval love spell, but does it deliver what she needs?


Screenings: Over 20 festivals, broadcast on PBS Long Island and Showtime in a collection of AFI short films.

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