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Bizarre Soviet irrigation projects in Southern Ukraine created a slow eco-disaster, which continues today. Sasyk Estuary, by the Black Sea, is ground zero for a battle between eco-activists vs. poachers, bureaucrats and corrupt officials. 


Return Sasyk to the Sea


This feature documentary is directed and edited by Andrea Odezynska. Filmed on location at the Black Sea in Ukraine.  Return Sasyk to the Sea is playing in prestigious 2022-2023 film festivals. 


Synopsis: A ruinous Soviet irrigation experiment in Southwestern Ukraine, created a slow eco-disaster which continues today.  The Sasyk Estuary, by the Black Sea, is ground zero for the battle - stasis and corruption vs. environmental reform and progress


In light of this latest invasion of Ukraine, Return Sasyk to the Sea, is a metaphor for the history of Ukraine itself. ~ Andrea Odezynska

Upcoming Screenings

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Through Women's Eye's Film Festival

March 10, 2022

Through Women's Eye's

23rd Annual Film Festival,

4651 Whirlaway Dr.
Sarasota, Florida 34233

Environmental Film Festival at Yale

March 31, 2022

Burke Auditorium - Kroon Hall, 1

95 Prospect Street, 3rd Floor, Yale University,

New Haven, CT 06520-8241

Princeton Environmental Film Festival

April 1-10, 2022

Princeton Public Library
65 Witherspoon
Princeton, NJ 08542

International Wildlife Film Festival

April 24, 26, 2022

718 S. Higgins Ave.
Missoula, Montana 59801

Paribas Green Intl. Film Festival Krakow, Poland

August 11-21, 2022

Festival Office

Podole 60 Street /2.05
30-394 Kraków

INtl WildLife Film Festival 2022
Through Women"s Eye's Film Festival2022
Princeton Environmental Film Festival 2022
Environmental Film Festival at Yale
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