Breathtaking mountain ranges are the backdrop of some of the reenactments of Kyrgyz folklore and fables, which are interwoven throughout the shyrdak footage. Click For Review...

Many of us talk about the divine feminine, therefore it is a delight to see aspects of her manifested in new films made by women, such as this one. 

"The filmmakers invite us on their journey [back] in time, to a place where a thousand years of magic whispers through its people and music. Baba Anna, and her visitors, heal the heart!" - Richard D. Pepperman, Author: The Eye Is Quicker Film Editing, Making a Good Film Better.

“I really, really loved this film. It is so personal and yet universal. I love films that start out seeming like they are about one thing, here Ukraine’s musical culture and then become something else...”


~ Vincent LoBrutto, Author: The Coppolas A Family Business

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