Director:  Andrea Odezynska

Screenwriter:  David Lewison & Andrea Odezynska

Genre:  Comedy 

Produced by: The American Film Institute 


When Dora was four, her Ukranian grandma taught her how to tell her fate in love. Twenty years later Dora improvises her own version of a medieval love spell, but does it deliver what she needs?


Screenings: over 20 festivals, Awards at The Hamptons Film Festival, Broadcast on PBS Long Island and Showtime.




Director:  Andrea Odezynska

Cinematographer:  Virlana Tkacz

Producer: Yara Arts Group

Genre:  Experimental


STILL THE RIVER FLOWS provides a window into the significance that ancient Koliada Winter Solstice and Christmas rituals have in the modern day.  


Screenings:  Spring Street Gallery in Saratoga, New York,  LaMama Experimental Theater

Company in NYC, LaMama Galleria in NYC, The Ukrainian Museum of NYC.


Produced with support from NYSCA The New York State Council on the Arts.


Directors:  Andrea Odezynska

Screenwriter:  Andrea Odezynska

Genre:  Documentary


This documentary explores my journey to a small village in Western Ukraine where an unexpected encounter with Baba Anna, the village healer, changes the course of my life forever.


Screenings:  UNIFEM United Nations "Through Women's Eyes International Film Festival" in  Sarasota FL,

The Kansas City Kansas Film Festival,  Tel Aviv's "Independent Spirit" Film Festival and many others.





Director:  Andrea Odezynska

Screenwriter:  Andrea Odezynska

Genre:  Documentary


Since the Soviet Union collapsed, unemployment and alcoholism have ravaged the former Republic of Kyrgyzstan. FELT, FEELINGS AND DREAMS (documentary) follows a small group of Kyrgyz women who pull themselves from crushing poverty by reviving ancient traditions of making crafts from felt. 

Set against this region's stunningly beautiful and harsh landscape, FELT, FEELINGS AND DREAMS explores the women's feelings about their work. The friendships they make, the daughters they get closer to, the children they can now feed.

© 2015 Andrea Odezynska